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Why periodic dental checkups are important

Dental checkups include a thorough cleaning of the teeth by our dental hygienists and an evaluation by our dentists at Dallas Laser Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. Drs. Mary Swift and Morgan Petty are available to help you with your oral healthcare needs!

Why you need a dental checkup

You may think that you don’t need to see a dentist if your teeth look healthy, but there are many reasons why it’s important to schedule regular dental checkups:

– Even if your teeth look healthy, you could be at risk for developing oral health problems that can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke the rest of your life if not treated early.
– Some dental issues don’t have symptoms, so you could have a problem and not even know it.
– By catching dental problems early, you can often avoid more severe and costly problems down the road.
– Seeing a dentist regularly can help you maintain good oral health habits.

What happens at a dental checkup?

Many dental problems that can occur, including cavities and gum disease, are preventable, and after they have occurred, the damage has already been done. This is why our dedicated team focuses heavily on stressing preventative care. Preventative dentistry services include:
– Dental cleanings
– Dental examinations
– Dental x-rays
– Dental sealants
– Fluoride applications

During a dental checkup, one of your dental hygienists will check your blood pressure, take digital x-rays, clean your teeth, and discuss with you any problems you wish the doctor to look at. The hygienist will also take measurements and look for signs of gum disease and oral cancer. If your gums are receding (as most do with age) and any tooth roots are exposed, your hygienist will offer to apply a fluoride varnish to protect them from decay. Tooth root surfaces are softer and less resistant to decay if exposed and not treated. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay. It does this by making the enamel of the tooth root more resistant to acid from plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth.

Dr. Swift or Dr. Petty will typically conduct an initial exam at the end of the appointment, discuss with you any concerns or questions, and diagnose and recommend treatment based upon what the hygienist and dentist discovered. 

How often should I see the dentist and hygienist?

It’s generally recommended that you see our dental team at Dallas Laser Dentistry every six months for a routine checkup once your oral health has been restored. However, some patients are at increased risk for dental problems based on genetics or current disease level and may need treatment more often.

What are the risks of not having regular checkups and treatment?

If you don’t have check-ups or hygiene treatments regularly, you could be at higher risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other problems that can cause irreversible damage. Visiting our dental office regularly is a great way to optimize your oral and systemic health for your lifetime.

So why take the chance? Schedule a dental checkup with us today!

Don’t postpone your dental care! With preventative dentistry services such as cleanings and evaluations, you can rest easy knowing you are taking the proper steps towards a healthy smile! Dallas Laser Dentistry is conveniently located at 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1023, and accepts new patients. Call the office for an appointment at 469 838 5292, or complete the appointment request here. We accept patients with or without dental insurance and have a great Preferred Patient subscription membership plan as an additional option.

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