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Brush up on the check-up… the foundation for preventive dentistry that supports and sustains healthy smiles

It could be said that customer/patient service is the heartbeat of Dallas Laser Dentistry. We also sustain healthy, eye-catching smiles among our patients throughout the Metroplex, east Texas (and beyond) with preventative dentistry. If the patient experience is the beating heart of our practice, then the routine professional cleaning and oral exam is the backbone of comfortable, stress-free and fear-free preventive dental care that really works to protect your teeth, gums, and mouth from deteriorization. 

The dental check-up 

Regular professional cleanings and comprehensive oral exams can be summed up with one term – “check-up.” It is generally recommended that healthy patients who are not at risk of conditions such as gum disease or oral cancer visit our office for these check-ups once every six months. Those who are more at risk might need to be seen more frequently – that frequency is based upon the individual’s genetics and oral health.

We will also schedule follow-up appointments to treat active diseases like periodontal (gum) disease. Risk factors for oral conditions include:

  • Nutritional challenges 
  • Challenges to consistent, good oral hygiene 
  • Diabetes and other health conditions 
  • Smoking and use of products that contain tobacco and nicotine
  • Family history of periodontitis and other oral diseases
  • Use of medications with side effects such as xerostomia (dry mouth)

The “standard” two times a year professional cleaning involves our trained and friendly dental hygienists using their skills and specialized instruments to remove lingering food particles, bacteria, and tartar build-up or plaque. They gently and thoroughly remove these substances from the teeth and the gum line. These harmful substances contribute to the development of progressive enamel erosion, cavities, deeper inflammation, and infections, as well as gingival inflammation and disease. Once plaque has built up and hardened, it can be extremely stubborn to remove. 

Patients with active gum disease can restore the health of their gums with scaling and root planing”, also known as a “deep clean”. This process treats the areas underneath the gums and also smooths the rough root surfaces that tend to attract destructive plaque. 

The dental cleaning is accompanied by an annual exam. Our dentists, Drs Mary Swift and Morgan Petty apply their expertise to identify early-stage gum inflammation, enamel erosion, and other problems before they cause progressive and irreparable damage. What they cannot see with their eyes alone can be pinpointed with the use of advanced diagnostic technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), which helps diagnose multiple potential issues quickly and with great accuracy. These tools allow us to view even the smallest areas in great detail. No problem stays hidden from us for long! Furthermore, such clear and detailed images of the mouth inform the determination of an accurate diagnosis. Accurate insights into the state of your mouth are a “must” when developing treatment plans that effectively and efficiently resolve conditions and restore or maintain the health, structure, beauty, and function of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity. 

Many oral problems that lead to tooth loss, heart disease, and stroke can be prevented. However, existing problems do not go away on their own without professional intervention. Do not delay scheduling your check-up at Dallas Laser Dentistry today. Call us at (469) 838-5292 or request an appointment online.

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