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Supporting attractive smiles and healthy bodies with preventative dentistry

Exceptional “customer service” (patient care) is at the heart of all we do at Dallas Laser Dentistry. And our preventative approach to dental care embodies this notion. Led by Drs Mary Swift and Morgan Petty, our practice includes satisfied patients from throughout the Metroplex, east Texas, as well as from other states and even other countries! These individuals and their families are drawn to a blend of warmth and professionalism. They know that their health, safety, and smiles are in very good hands.

Prevention is powerful

There are many benefits to partnering with a dental practice that prioritizes preventative care. These benefits include:

  • We can help protect the teeth, gums, mouth, jaws, and facial tissues from damage caused by disease, injury, and many forms of trauma. 
  • Proactive rather than reactive care supports oral health, as well as overall health, well-being, and quality of life. After all, the mouth does not exist in isolation from the rest of your “system.” 
  • By preventing harmful conditions such as advanced gum disease and tooth decay, our patients avoid needing more costly, time-consuming restorative treatments. 
  • As noted, preventive services are less expensive than services designed to rebuild a portion of tissues or to replace those tissues. 
  • Many preventive dental services are also include some insurance plan coverage.

All patients, regardless of age and needs, can benefit from prevention through routine, six-month dental checkups. These visits involve one of our dentists examining your mouth for potential problems and our hygienists cleaning the teeth. By staying on top of these potential problems, we detect and resolve them early – before they lead to costly and traumatic damage. Our hygienists use professional tools and techniques to clean your teeth and the gumline during your checkup. Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth, and removing all dental plaque with a standard toothbrush and floss alone is impossible. Plus, once plaque has hardened, it is stubborn and requires removal during professional dental cleanings. 

Our team also provides insights into good brushing and flossing techniques and great oral care products to integrate into your healthy routine. Lastly, regular appointments present a terrific time to discuss or apply professional preventive services. These services could range from dental sealants (thin coverings applied to protect back teeth from decay), to oral appliances such as mouthguards and nightguards. These custom devices prevent damage caused by blows to the face during sports and chronic bruxism (teeth grinding).

We’ve even created our own Membership Program focused on prevention – for a low monthly subscription fee all basic preventive procedures are included, and if restorative work is required members get a discount on that as well. It’s great if you don’t have dental insurance and even a great substitute for for those with the typical dental insurance plan.

We at Dallas Laser Dentistry can tell you about our excellent, patient-focused approach to care. But let’s show you! Schedule an appointment with Drs Swift or Petty today. Our office can be reached at 469 838 5292. For your convenience, you may also reach out to us through this website.

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