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Creating and maintaining a healthy and contagious smile is our ultimate goal for all our patients while remaining true to their personal dental objectives.

Our award-winning cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as daVinci® veneers, Invisalign® invisible braces, dental implants, laser teeth whitening, and our full Smile Makeover all begin with a FREE Smile Consultation to understand your goals and then share with you on options available to achieve them.

Our general dentistry options are used to restore and maintain your oral health, and to provide a solid base upon which to add cosmetics, thus insuring your best return on your investment.

Implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or all your teeth instead of dentures – our “All – On – 4®” implant-supported permanent dentures provide the ultimate in comfort and quality of life.

Sedation dentistry is perfect for someone needing a lot of work done but wants to get it all done in one appointment that they can sleep through!

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Dallas Laser Dentistry Services Offered

Dallas Laser Dentistry provides a wide variety of dental services and procedures to address all of our patient’s dental health needs. By combining quality patient care with up-to-date technology, we can treat patients of all ages in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Our dentists and highly trained staff are trained to not only treat patients but to identify what caused the health concern in the first place. This approach sets patients of Dallas Laser Dentistry on the road to recovery and long-term oral health.

We offer a wide variety of services for patients throughout the Metroplex. Our patients depend on Dr. Mary Swift and Dr. Morgan Petty to meet all of their oral healthcare needs. Whether you need preventative care, restorative solutions, or a smile makeover, we can help.

Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dental care involves enhancing the appearance of your smile, which will also benefit your oral health in the process. We can enhance the brightness, shape, and size of your teeth. We can also use cosmetic dentistry to straighten one’s teeth and repair damage, which can include replacing missing teeth. Our cosmetic dental treatments will not hinder the functionality of your teeth and will allow you to continue life as normal. If you are interested in enhancing your smile, do not hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. We will go over the possible options and customize your smile to what you want.

Dental Procedures

Our dental procedures involve treating oral health in a professional and efficient manner. Our dental procedures range from simple cleanings to more serious oral health treatments. Adult teeth are not invincible and can sustain permanent damage that does not go away with brushing or flossing. Our dental procedures can help to restore, replace or repair teeth to the best condition possible. By scheduling an appointment, we will be able to help treat any pain your experience with your teeth and help to brighten your smile.

Dental Services

Our dental services range from a simple checkup to a deep cleaning of the gums. When a patient arrives for a checkup, we will examine the entire mouth and determine if there are any oral health risks. Once we have a clear idea of the patient’s health, we will recommend the most effective treatment method. At a regular hygiene appointment, we will conduct a cleaning of the teeth, gums, and mouth, to ensure that the patient is in good oral health. We will answer any questions the patient has before the procedure if the patient has any worries.

Dental Education

We offer helpful dental information such as the fact that you need to floss before brushing for any real effect. While we use regular dental checkups to clean teeth, we also use them to educate patients on proper oral hygiene. While regular brushing and flossing can help, they are not enough to keep teeth healthy on their own. By scheduling regular dental checkups at least twice a year, we can act on any early signs of infection or decay before they get worse. Do not hesitate to give us a call, schedule an appointment and ask us any questions about oral health.

Services Offered

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da Vinci™ Porcelain Veneers

The most natural-looking veneers available are from the founders of Hollywood’s da Vinci Lab and are Dr. Swift’s choice to create smiles that are contagious!

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Invisalign® Orthodontics

Invisalign Gold Providers Dr. Mary Swift and Dr. Morgan Petty have designed beautiful smiles using Invisalign for hundreds of patients.

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Teeth Whitening

Professional laser teeth whitening services at Dallas Laser Dentistry are safer and more effective than over-the-counter home whitening treatments.

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Dallas Smile Makeover

Dr. Petty or Dr. Swift use all their cosmetic expertise and tools to transform your smile into a smile that is contagious!

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates, are custom-made to cover the front of the teeth and create long-lasting smiles that maximize appearance and self-confidence.

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Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to treat smaller cavities in the teeth with color and shade that match the natural teeth.

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ZOOM! Whitening is a three step teeth whitening process that uses hydrogen peroxide gel and a UV light to whiten and brighten patients’ smiles.

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Free Smile Consultation

If your smile isn’t all you want it to be, a free smile consultation from Consumer’s Choice award-winning cosmetic dentists Mary Swift or Morgan Petty will make you want to smile again!


Before/After Smile Simulation

Before and After Smile Simulation is available at Dallas Laser Dentistry to show you how amazing your smile can be with cosmetic dentistry.

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Dental Implants

Natural looking replacements that can be used for a missing single tooth, multiple teeth, or to better stabilize dentures – and they last a lifetime!

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All On 4 Dental Implants

All-On-4 eliminates the problems of removable dentures by using innovative titanium dental implants to permanently secure upper and/or lower dentures.

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Implant-Supported Dentures

If you wear dentures, chances are they’re not as comfortable or stable as you’d like. Dentures anchored with implants will change that.

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A crown, also referred to as a cap, is used to cover the visible portion of a severely decayed tooth to restore its function and appearance.

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Fixed bridges are replacements for one or two missing teeth that permanently attach to teeth adjoining those missing.

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Removable Dentures/Partials

Removable complete and partial dentures are a replacement for all or several missing natural teeth due to decay or untreated gum disease.

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Laser Teeth Whitening

Our laser whitening process whitens teeth 6 – 10 shades safely and effectively in about an hour. No whitening system is faster or more effective.

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Laser Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery is an advanced treatment option for cosmetic alterations to the gum line for an improved appearance.


DIAGNOdent™ Cavity Detector

DIAGNOdent is a laser cavity detector that finds tooth decay earlier and allows the dentist to fill the cavity before it causes further damage.

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Laser CAD/CAM Dentistry

Our Itero lasers creates 3D digital impressions of the teeth/mouth for Invisalign and to create perfect fitting veneers, crowns, and bridges.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows patients to sleep through their treatment and allows patients needing a lot of work to do it in one visit.

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Professional Cleanings

You should see your hygienist at least each six months, when plaque, stains, and tarter buildup will be professionally removed and your teeth polished.

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Dental Examination

A dental examination should be performed annually, or if the patient is experiencing any symptoms, so the dentist can diagnose any problems.

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Oral Cancer Screen

During every patient’s regular checkup, our dentists perform a technology-assisted oral screening for early detection and treatment of mouth and throat cancer.

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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal diseases (gingivitis/periodontitis) are infections of the gum tissue that require various deep cleaning and ongoing maintenance treatments and contribute to systemic and acute diseases throughout the body if left untreated.

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Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing removes plaque buildup from below the gum line with a deep professional cleaning to begin the treatment for gum disease.

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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays (digital radiography) require 80% less radiation to safely and effectively discover decay during a dental exam.

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Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a common treatment that fills cavities left in teeth after tooth decay has been removed.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy provides immediate relief when decay infect s the nerves in a tooth, causing pain that is unbelievably intense.

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Mouth Guards

A custom-fitted mouth guard protects your teeth from TMJ grinding and during sports, but it can also enhance sports performance.

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