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A very important part of our practice philosophy is to educate our patients on their choices of treatment, as we believe an informed patient is a better patient. This applies both to procedures necessary to regain and maintain oral health as well as for cosmetic options. We have prepared this section for potential patients to become better informed since we believe a well-informed patient will take ownership of their oral health and better understand the value of treatment options discussed with the doctor.

The following videos will briefly explain topics selected by us as those most frequently requested. Below the videos, you’ll find additional topics in .pdf format that you can read and learn about. If you don’t find the specific topic of interest to you, just let us know – we probably have information on it that we can direct you to.

Caregiver Guides

Initial Vist

Digital bitewing xrays thumbnail

Digital Bitewing

digital Panoramic xray thumbnail

Digital Panaromic X-Ray

Hipaa video thumbnail

HIPAA Notice

Oral cancer exam thumbnail

Oral Cancer Exam

Co-diagnosis thumbnail


Digital bitewing xrays thumbnail

Full Series

Insurance video thumbnail

Insurance Information


Brushing video thumbnail


Electric toothbrushes thumbnail

Electric Toothbrushes

Flossing video thumbnail


Full mouth debridement thumbnail

Full Mouth Debridement

Hygienists thumbnail


Prophylaxis cleaning video thumbnail

Prophylaxis Cleaning

Scaling & root Planning video thumbnail

Scaling & Root Planing

Hygiene - smoking video thumbnail


Hygiene - superfloss video thumbnail


Professional flouride video thumbnail

Professional Flouride

Hygiene - nutrition habits thumbnail

Nutrition Habits

Oral lrrigator video thumbnail

Oral Irrigator

Hygiene - oral piercing video thumbnail

Oral Piercing

Hygiene - periodontal involvement video thumbnail

Peridontal Involvement

Hygiene - perio maintenance video thumbnail

Perio Maintenance

Hygiene - sealants video thumbnail


Hygiene - smokeless tobacco video thumbnail

Smokeless Tobacco

Hygiene - ultrasonic scaling video thumbnail

Ultrasonic Scaling

Hygiene periodic visits video thumbnail

Periodic Visits


Children -Andy's first dental visit video thumbnail

Andy’s First Dental Visits

Children -Kirby's cool brushing video thumbnail

Kirby’s Cool Brushing

Kirby and sealants video thumbnail

Kirby and Sealants

Kirby visits the dentist video thumbnail

Kirby Visits the Dentist

Why need floss video thumbnail

Why Brush and Floss

Children -kirby's 1st lost tooth video thumbnail

Kirby’s First Tooth Loss

Children - kirby's flossing video thumbnail

Kirby’s Flossing

Children -Kirby's healthy diet video thumbnail

Kirby’s Healthy Diet

Children - wally's brushing tips video thumbnail

Wally’s Brushing Tips