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You deserve the best! Myriad benefits of implants to replace one tooth or for full-mouth smile reconstruction

An exceptional patient experience defines Dallas Laser Dentistry and sets us apart from other practices in and around north Texas. We support the most positive experience and care in all that we do, including educating our patients on their options for tooth replacement. If we cannot preserve natural teeth through means such as precision, painless nonsurgical root canal therapy, prompt tooth removal, and replacement is a “must” to support an attractive smile, healthy function, and overall well being. 

Our dentists, Drs Mary Swift and Morgan Petty empower individuals with trusted knowledge about options well-suited to their needs and preferences. Dental implants resonate with many types of patients. Due to their unique design, implant-supported replacement teeth are associated with several stand-out benefits.

Dental Implants Before and After Patient results in Dallas TX

Basics about not-so-basic tooth replacement

The implant is one part of the prosthetic tooth. It is a cylindrical-shaped post made from a “biocompatible” (tissue-friendly) material such as titanium or zirconia. These materials are designed to integrate with natural tissues. In this case, the implant is precisely positioned in the jawbone to eventually “fuse” or “Osseo integrate” to the surrounding bony tissue. It effectively becomes a part of the jaw and can optimally stabilize a prosthetic tooth – like a natural tooth root

They hold the prosthetic teeth in place. For patients concerned about loose or ill-fitting dentures, implant-supported dentures or overdentures may be appropriate. They eliminate the hassle of loose dentures, which slip around and interfere with basic chewing and speech and cause discomfort and sores. 

Overdentures also eliminate the need for periodic adjustments to the denture. Since conventional dentures are not rooted in the jaw, they do not provide stimulation to the supportive bone. Just as muscles can atrophy during prolonged bedrest, the supporting bone in the jaw can atrophy or shrink. As this destructive process occurs, patients may notice that their regular dentures no longer fit well. The denture must then be adjusted (relined or rebased) or replaced entirely to restore and sustain the proper fit that ensures comfort and healthy function. 

With implant dentures, the bone in the jaw stays strong. The implant connected to the jawbone gets stimulation from the denture and everyday functions like chewing food. There is no need to continually adjust or replace the denture. This makes implants a great value. They can last a lifetime, as long as patients treat their mouths well with good oral care at home and professional care at our office in Dallas, Texas. 

And even those patients who have already sustained bone loss can benefit from various modern implant designs, including mini implants. Implants may be appropriate to replace a single tooth (with a crown), several teeth (with a dental bridge), or a mouth full of missing teeth (with an overdenture).

Sustain or restore natural, comfortable function and a confidence-inspiring appearance that lasts with implants. Call Dallas Laser Dentistry at 469 838 5292 with questions or to schedule your visit. Alternately, request a consultation appointment any time of day or night on this website.

We look forward to exploring options to make over or keep your stunning, healthy smile.

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